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Below we give a brief history of slot machines, their development through the ages and the online slot game of today.

Visit and casino and you are sure to find a bustling slot game section offering all kinds of games, sporting a vast selection of game types, graphics and betting options.In 1887 Charles Fey – a mechanic was the inventor of the first slot machine. He called the invention the Liberty Bell. In New York in 1891 Pitt and Sittman designed a slot machine. This machine had poker hands.

Again Charles Fey contributed to the slot machine with the creation of the Operator Bell slot machine and for the first time, the classic fruit symbols were featured. Shortly after, an anti-gambling movement was established making slots illegal in California by 1911.

The 1930s saw the introduction of a much quieter slot machine called “the silent bell slot machines” and the Money Honey slot machine made by Bally Gaming was the introduction of the first electricity powered slot machine.

Random number generators and micro chips started appearing in the 1970s, gradually refining the invention of the slot machine.

This first slot machine can be found at the Liberty Bell Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

The 1940s was the beginning of the popularity of slot machines, being introduced in several gambling establishments in Las Vegas by Bugsy Siegel.

The first offline slot machines were obviously a very different machine than those enjoyed today, whether at land based casinos or online slot games. Charles Fey could not possibly have imagined how popular slots games would become. The initial invention of the slot machine was the starting point of some very exciting and advanced slot machines, offering huge winnings and popularity. The games played at online casinos still share some commonalities with the games played over a century ago

After the invention of the electric slot machine in the 1960s, the next stage in online slots was launched by means of the dollar slot machine and then followed by the video poker slot machine invented by “Sircoma” in 1980. There was also the introduction of many other slot games/features for example multiple pay lines, machines accepting various coin denominations and a much more varied game selection.

Approximately 15 years later was the introduction of multiple games and bonus features. These features played an important part with regards to online slots. All original features and these new were introduced to the world of online slots.

Software provider’s fashioned online slots games, making playing these games convenient to play from the comfort of their homes. Slots can now be played from basically anywhere and at anytime and are offered in a variety which range from classic three reel slots, multiple reels and pay lines, video slots, progressive jackpot slots and slots offering story lines.

Games have become more and more sophisticated, utilizing state of the art graphics, exciting and realistic sound effects and enchanting animation. Random number generation and superb security features ensure fair play and safety when transacting online.

Today you fill find hundreds if not thousands of casinos that offer online slot machine games sporting a wide variety of themes and top payout percentages, bonuses, tournaments jackpots.