Online Roulette

We explain the game of online roulette – the basics and how to start playing roulette online.
There aren’t many games where you will find the excitement that can be experienced around a Roulette table. Just visit any casino and you will find this out for yourself and often even battle to get around the table, let alone your own seat. Roulette has quickly placed itself as one of the most popular table games. The name Roulette has French origins, meaning Small Wheel. There have been many developments of the game through the ages but essentially the game remains intact. There are however variations to the game of Roulette across the continents.There are American and European variations to the game. The basic fundamentals are however the same. The American version of the game has an added 0 while the European version has a single 0.

While the game is often seen by many as the lowest chance of a win, there are large payouts that can be made from this game. A player is also offered multiple betting options including but not limited to: Bet on colours, numbers, odds and evens, groups of numbers and even rows of numbers.

The objective of the game is simply to select your number/s, colours, etc and hope that the roulette croupier has your selection in favour.

Roulette much like the game of Craps, is an extremely social game and players can often be seen in large numbers with lots of excitement shouting for their numbers.